Diet for weight loss: the recipes at home

Recipes dietary supplement for weight loss, which you can prepare at home any lover! Recipes diets for weight loss is simple and tasty!

Low calorie food – the best way to get rid of the weight without compromising health. Unlike the express methods aimed at weight loss fast, the weight will slowly but steadily go away. When the body does not suffer from nutrient deficiency, and the person feels well. Most of the recipes eliminate the salt and sugar, but the flavoring to offset the taste. These recipes allow you to make sure that the diet food you can receive gastronomic pleasure.

dishes for weight loss

The principles of a healthy diet, forced to obey certain technologies of food preparation. Grilling food is unacceptable.

The priority of dishes, a roast cooked in the slow cooker, useful for smoothies, fresh salads, hot and cold, soups without heat treatment

The first dishes

Light soups as well burn fat. The spice is not only to give them a taste, but and reinforce the metabolism.

Veggie soup with pumpkin puree

In a pot of boiling water, throw finely chopped orange into cubes, peeled. Boil about 10 minutes, crushed blender. Lovers of acute tastes, they add fine, pepper, half a cup of thin cream. Instead of pepper many play the cinnamon and a spoon of cheese.

A soup made with broccoli

In a liter of cold water put a non-treated one large onion, 200 g of algentem, the carrots, the celery, the bay leaf. Ready stock head remove, the mass is pulverized to a homogenous state, sprinkled with herbs. For fragrance add the garlic and a few peas black pepper. To taste — a tablespoon of vegetable oil.


In the heat it is best to prepare for the cold Spanish soup. Ingredients:

  • 1 Bulgarian pepper;
  • water with gas;
  • tablespoon of lemon juice;

The pepper is placed in an oven, or remain until the black color on an open fire, then shoot the film higher. Carnosus part cut off, put in the cup of a blender, where are the tomatoes and cucumbers without the peel. Pour 2 cups of water, throw the garlic, and click on the button of the machine. In whipped mass, put herbs, lemon juice, a tablespoon of oil, the pepper, the oregano. Serves with battle cookies.

Bath person — a delicious soup for 3 minutes

2 cucumber are bowed in the grater thick, together with the dill, with a sprig of mint or fresh basil, garlic, mixed with 2 cups of low-fat yogurt or yogurt. The result is a dough that resembles the consistency with smoothies

dishes from soup to lose weight

Main dishes

Veal, succulent poultry, rabbit, lean meat to boil with spices, or cooked with vegetables.

Au gratin with chicken

100 g of chicken breast is around 100 kcal. For the dishes take 500 g. In the recipe:

  • the onion, the carrot, the pepper – 1 interested;
  • cheese – 50 g;
  • a cup of yogurt;
  • vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons;
  • the egg.

In the bottom of the bowl months put chopped vegetables, sprinkled with the seasoning for the chicken. Up a layer and distribute the pieces of fillet. Pour the mixture of PUSSYCATSlOMOlintramuralgon product with beaten egg with beaten egg, scatter evenly with cheese. Choose the program "Cakes" for 30 minutes. If the dish is cooked in the oven, are cooked at temperatures of 180°C until the appearance of pressure sores.

Fish stew

The calorie content depends on the type of fish. The energy value of dishes varies within 110-150 kcal. The bottom of a frying pan thick veiled onion rings, sprinkle on a tablespoon of oil and include the fire. From top to spread a layer of mugs of tomato, dishes put on the cover, the content tired of 5 minutes. Then, put the fish, which was in a marinade of oil, lemon juice, seasoning 60-30 minutes. Quenched in 10 to 15 minutes. Serve with lemon salad.

Mackerel in foil

Protein plate 130 kcal. Products: fish 1, 2 l. of yogurt, orange, spices. For juicy fish did not become dry and tasteless, suffuse the sauce and wrapped in a double sheet. First soften the middle, on the sides carry out deep incisions with intervals of 5 cm.

With a little orange blossom to relieve the peel of lemon and givinglivaut juice. Serves rusticatio: yogurt mixed with givinglreceding garlic, the peel of the citrus, the pepper, the juice. Then, thoroughly smeared with sauce, tightly packing in sheet, send for 20 minutes in the oven. Serve with watercress, salad peking cabbage, acute carrot.

Cooked wheat meat

Calories – 350 kcal in 2 portions. 250 the meat is placed in cold water after the boil to relieve the foam. Boil 1 hour with the root of parsley, a carrot. 10 minutes before readiness add the bay leaf, the garlic, the seasoning. Eat cold and hot with vegetables or plakia celery

Vegetable dishes

Recipe placei. Calories — 130 kcal/ 100 g.

  • 200 celery root;
  • the largest onion;
  • 2 l. oil, the lemon juice.

Purified from the roots, and the onion sliced, put in layers of kitchen utensils. Flavored butter, pour boiling water with lemon, so that the liquid covered the vegetables. Satiated the evaporation of the water.

main dishes for slimming

Gratin of zucchini

100 g — 115 kcal.

  • flour – 50 g
  • milk – 300 ml;
  • cheese – 150 g;
  • eggs – 2 pieces;
  • white pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.

In a frying pan restaplivaut tablespoon of butter mixed with flour. After 2 minutes, pours in the milk. The mass that remain in the fire until it thickens. Until the sauce is cooling, cut the zucchini into strips.

In cold milky flour mixture put the eggs, spices, half the normal cheese. In the background ran lie 6 vegetable plates, watered the scoop of the sauce. Zucchini are placed in layers, until you finish the cut. From the top poured out the cheese, put it on the stove for 40 minutes.


To prepare низкonкаlonрийнongon dishes (90 kcal) will need:

  • 1 zucchini, pepper, tanklthe Agen;
  • 4 medium-sized tomato;
  • the onion and the garlic;
  • a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil.

Vegetables are cut in circles, alternately, by putting in cookware for frying. The onion with the pepper quenched in a frying pan, at the end add 1 tomato chopped. Mass close vegetables, pour a half cup of water, put in the oven for one hour.

What to cook for tea

Cheese casserole as well that quenches the hunger and reproving metabolism. Calories — 95 kcal/ 100g.

  • cottage cheese 1% 200 g;
  • the spoonful of bran cereal and yogurt;
  • 1 egg and an apple;
  • by pinch Vanyalina or cinnamon.

The dough add the rest of the ingredients, kneaded, fill out a form, baked, on average, the heat 45 minutes.

Chocolate Cheesecake

A dessert that contains a total of 95 kcal. Recover:

  • 15 g of agar-agar or gelatin;
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa and honey;
  • 400 g of rustic and ricotta;
  • 100 ml slim milk.

The substance, in the form of jelly, pour the water and leave to swell. Then, the ability to rearrange the fire, put the milk to heat up to full dissolution, cool. The whisk out lashes ricotta cheese, a thin stream portions and put in the gelatin. In the process they put cocoa, honey, vanillin. Melted pour the batter in to split cleanly in the fridge. After fluidity decorate fresh fruit.

dietary meals for tea

Recipes of cocktails for fat burning

From 6 recipes choose any one. Ingredients take with the expectation of a glass of liquid.

  • The kefir floors + a spoon of cinnamon and ginger, a pinch of pepper.
  • Kiwi + 2 slices of lemon, the mint.
  • Mint leaves + 7 twigs of parsley.
  • Apple + 0.25 lemon + zucchini 50 g of + 2 cm of root ginger + cucumber + stalk of celery.
  • Yogurt + 0.5 grapefruit + 4 large slices of pineapple + 30 g of pumpkin seeds raw.
  • Apple cider vinegar + a tablespoon of honey, a wand of cinnamon.

Technology of preparation: ingredients bombarded in a blender, out lashes. In smoothies pass the discharge day, use cocktails instead of eating. The fiber and the liquid will fill up the stomach and create a feeling of fullness.